Wir verabschieden uns für ca. 2 Wochen, weil Netzwerk Faire Mode Urlaub macht.

Damit Ihr etwas zu lesen habt, haben wir unseren Newsletter „Fashion, Textiles & Sustainability“ No. 7 jetzt schon fertig gestellt (er ist besser als je zuvor).

Hier sind die Highlights auf Englisch:

  • Harsh and interesting critique by Ulrich Thielemann on what he calls the „market logic“, which, he argues, dominates our thinking. Thielemann used to be the vice director of the business ethics institute in St. Gallen, and according to my information was dismissed one day – after criticizing Swiss tax policies in the German Bundestag. He argues that markets must be embedded into societal values, otherwise the stronger will win and suggests that only global politics can do this.
  • The Independent ran a cover story criticizing labour expoitation for the Adidas British Olympic Team wear
  • A new report by varous NGOs connects more than 40 brands with environmental pollution in China. There is also a new website of the „Zero Discharge Project“. And the former Guardian environmental correspondent in China provided some more insights into the situation in the country.
  • The T&E farm and fibre report is out, which shows that there much less organic cotton was produced in 2011 than in 2010. At the same time, GOTS reports that the number of certified factories is growing.
  • While sales of FT cotton internationally grew, it dropped in Germany. Maybe interesting in this context is a scientific review article on fair trade consumption.
  • Walmart issued its new CSR report. Almost at the same time, the New York Times runs a facinating 21-page Grisham-like story on how Walmart Mexico managed its vast growth by systematically bribing. The person apparently responsible for the bribes was the new star at Walmart Int.
  • Patagonia pimped up its Footprint Chronicles website, which looks like a model-case – and in May Yvon Chouinard publishes a new book „The responsible company“ – a must read!
  • PPR announces a 5-years sustainability plan, while Kik introduced reduces its ladies jeans to 9,99 Euro.
  • Finally, there are some really fascinating articles rethinking the future of sustainable fashion consumption.

Zur Erinnerung: Der Newsletter ist auf unsere neuen Netzwerk Faire Mode Knowledge Seite umgezogen (ehemals „Follow Ethical Fashion von Mark Starmanns). Wenn Ihr die News automatisch bekommen wollt, dann braucht ihr bloss den Blog zu abonnieren.

Auf dem Bild seht Ihr übrigens den schnellsten Baumwollbauern Malawis.


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