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These are some of the highlights in our Newsletter Fashion, Textile & Sustainability No. 4:

  • This excellent 45 Minutes NDR-documentary on the production of jeans in China (in German): Der Preis der Blue-Jeansprovides you with an understanding of the current practices of jeans production in China. Simply put, they are shocking.
  • So why not engage in the Nice Consumer project, which issued a quite comprehensive Research Summary and Discussion Paper.  You can read it before the conference on the 2nd of May in Copenhagen at the Fashion Summit – and we also recommend the two upcoming web-conferences of the NICE consumer project that are open to all.

  • Worth while reading is also the recent study by KPMG, which indicates that external environmental costs of 11 key industry sectors doubled every 14 years. And you might also read the 6 page report by Eurosif & Bank Sarasin on sustainability in global supply chains.
  • Sweatshop campaigns are not sleeping: SOMO published a preview of their report „Still captured by cotton“ in which they report about labour abuse in the South-Indian Garment Industry. The Playfair Campaign 2012 caught up Adidas, Nike and Puma in an abuse scandal showing their workers in Bangladesh are beaten, verbally abused, underpaid and overworked. And an ILSR report indicates Walmart’s greenwashing.
  • Unfortunately, improvingn the situation in the factories in e.g. Bangladesh is not easy. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that the collaboration between German retailer Otto and Muhammad Yunus to construct a social project is threatening to fail completely.

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NEWSLETTER Fashion, Textile & Sustainability No. 4 | 19. March 2012



Big brands pressure Cambodia on protest shootings | AFP, 12.3.2012

Retail giants Puma, Gap and H&M have urged Cambodia to fully probe the recent shooting and wounding of protesting garment workers as the sole suspect, a local governor, remained at large Monday.

Labour of Fashion | Urban Times, 12.3.2012

“How can this be so cheap?” You wonder, as you pick up a t-shirt that is marked with the incredibly reasonable price of £4.

Geplante Vorzeigefabrik vor dem Aus. Der Traum vom guten Arbeiten in Bangladesch | Süddeutsche Zeitung, 5.3.2012

Das ehrgeiziges Projekt Unternehmen Otto und Friedensnobelpreisträger Muhammad Yunus vom Unternehmen stößt auf Widerstand im Land – und droht nun, ganz zu scheitern.

„Rio+20 must be aligned with UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights“| UN Human Rights Council, March 2012

An Open Letter from Special Procedures mandate-holders of the Human Rights Council to States negotiating the Outcome Document of the Rio+20 Summit


Deichmann: Mit Billigpreisen zum Marktführer | Badische Zeitung, 16.3.2012

Schuhgigant Deichmann rühmt sich, seine Beschäftigten und die Arbeiterinnen bei den chinesischen Zulieferern gut zu behandeln, bietet seinen Kunden aber sagenhaft günstige Preise. Passt das?

BHS knitwear made by Bangladeshi sweatshop workers paid 10p an hour and are ‚beaten and humiliated‘ | Daily Mail, 14.3.2012

Chinese firms get around law by using temp workers | SF Chronicle, 12.3.2012

Children’s rights take centre stage | The Guardian, Sustainable Business, 12.3.2012

Businesses are to given guidance on how to incorporate children’s rights into the heart of everything that they do

Chea Mony sued over strike | The Phnom Phen Post, 5.3.2012

Kampong Chhnang Provincial Court has summonsed Free Trade Union president Chea Mony and two of his officers to answer incitement charges at the court tomorrow relating to his alleged involvement in a mass strike at a garment factory last year, officials said yesterday.

Olympic brands caught up in abuse scandal | The Guardian, 3.3.2012

While Adidas, Nike and Puma make millions out of the Games, their employees are claiming exploitation

Play fair 2012 ‚Race to the Bottom‘ report exposes exploitation in Bangladesh | Playfair Campaign, March 2012

Olympic sponsor Adidas, and Sportswear brands Nike and Puma, have been put under pressure to take a stand on labour rights after a new report was published showing their workers in Bangladesh are beaten, verbally abused, underpaid and overworked.

Brazil: New law aims to limit right to strike during major sporting events | Playfair Campaign, March 2012

A new law, PLS728-11, that has being analyzed by the Commission of Education, Culture and Sports of the Brazilian upper legislative house .It aims to “improve the safety of the Confederations Cup 2013 and World Cup 2014″ creating 8 new types of crimes and changing the regulation of the right to strike […]

USA: Former workers bring class-action lawsuit against fashion designer Alexander Wang for alleged „sweatshop“ conditions in New York City’s Chinatown | (USA), March 2012


Der hohe Preis der Blue-Jeans | Der Standards, 16.3.2012

Six French brands pick Intertek’s Instant LCA Textile tool | Fibre2fashion, 14.3.2012

C&A will noch grüner werden | Fibre to fashion, 9.3.2012

Green Fashion Saure Milch macht Haute Couture | Financial Times Deutschland, 8.3.2012

Nike Debuts Olympic Jerseys Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles | psfk, March 2012

Walmart’s Greenwash: Company Fails to Deliver on Much-Publicized Sustainability Campaign | Yahoo Finance, March 2012


Preventing Contamination of African Organic Cotton… | TE Farm Blog, 6.3.2012

Shock cotton exports ban hurts India’s image, sends prices surging | FirstPost Economy, 6.3.2012

Flynn told the US channel that the market reaction to India’s move reflects concerns that it could “start a new rise in cotton prices that mirrors last year’s rally.” Cotton prices hit an all-time high of $2.27 a pound last March.



Sustainability news roundup – March 2012 | Ethical Coporation, 5.3.2012

Fair Trade in jeopardy | Ecotextiles, 9.3.2012


Ethical Fashion: Why Fair Trade Practices Should Matter To Shoppers | Huffington Post, 12.3.2012

The „Nice Consumer“: How She Is Redefining Fashion And Sustainable Consumption | Forbes, 18.1.2012


Made in Britain: why UK craftsmanship is good news for the environment | The Ecologist, 13.3.2012

With high street giant Topshop bringing manufacturing back to the UK and Labour leader Ed Milliband calling for a return to ‘Made in Britain’, could 2012 be the year that fashion came home?


Made in Britain: why UK craftsmanship is good news for the environment TECHNOLOGY

Eco-Fashion – Now for Your Mobile Phone | prweb, 13.3.2012

Eco-fashion is big and getting bigger and now you can wrap up your mobile phone in sustainable style too. Hailed as a ‚better, smarter, greener choice‘ for the style conscious consumer – e-pouch have just launched their 2012 range of fashion foward, planet-friendly cell pouches.

10.       REGIONS

Inland shift a boon for economy | China Daily, 12.3.2012

11.       FAIRS



Still captured by cotton | SOMO, 1.3.2012

Today, the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) and the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) are presenting a sneak preview of their upcoming report on labour abuses in the South Indian garment industry. The two-pager preview is published on the occasion of a meeting of the Sumangali Bonded Labour group of the UK-based Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI). SOMO and ICN call upon garment brands to take their responsibility to ensure that workers’ rights are respected throughout their supply chain.

Join the fight against Olympic sweatshops. Demand Adidas, Nike and Puma respect the rights of their workers and join the campaign now! | War on Want

War on Want’s report Race to the Bottom exposed the exploitation of sweatshop workers in Bangladesh making clothes for Adidas, Nike and Puma. These companies have invested heavily in the London Olympics to get maximum exposure and boost their profits, yet they refuse to end poverty pay for some of the world’s lowest paid workers. In the run up to the Olympics we’re going to be hitting one of these three companies hard. It’s time for them to improve their practices or face public opposition. This is your chance to tell us exactly what you think we should do to fight sweatshop exploitation. Help us shape the campaign and be the first to find out when we reveal what we’ve got planned.


Expect the Unexpected: Building business value in a changing world | KPMG, 14.2.2012

The KPMG research finds that the external environmental costs, which today are often not shown on financial statements**, of 11 key industry sectors jumped 50 percent from US$566 to US$846 billion in 8 years (2002 to 2010), averaging a doubling of these costs every 14 years.

Walmart’s Greenwash: How the company’s much-publicized sustainability campaign falls short, while its relentless growth devastates the environment (PDF) | Institute for Self-Reliance, March 2012

The Nice Consumer. Research Summary and Discussion Paper | BSR, February 2012

In this report we offer a starting point for discussion. We present a system of ten sustainability megaforces that will impact each and every business over the next 20 years. We want to build awareness that these forces do not act alone in predictable ways. They are interconnected. They interact.

Procurement: Theme Report. Managing Globalized and Complex Supply Chains (PDF) | Eurosif & Sarasin, March 2012

15.       CLIPS, MOVIES

Der Preis der Blue-Jeans | NDR 5.3.2012

Ob als Luxusprodukt für ein paar Hundert Euro oder als billige Freizeitkluft vom Discounter: Jeans sind das beliebteste Kleidungsstück in Deutschland. Der größte Teil wird heute in China produziert. Dort bringt die Jeans-Industrie neben Wohlstand für wenige, vor allem Gift, Umweltverschmutzung und Elend für viele mit sich. Wie sind die Arbeitsbedingungen wirklich, wie viel Chemie steckt in den Hosen und wie leben die Menschen in der Umgebung der großen Jeansfabriken?

16.        BOOKS / REVIEWS

Skeletons in the fair trade closet – A critical review ‘à la Française’ | Shirahime, 8.3.2012


BundespreisEcodesign, Anmeldung bis 30.04.2012


Maniko-Berlin, Praktikum Ab April 2012
HESS NATUR, Projektmanagement CSR BUTZENBACH Open
Communications Manager – FLO-CERT BONN Open
Sustainability Standards & Certification Coordinator – UTZ Certified AMSTERDAM Open

19.       WORKSHOPS ETC.

The State of the Art in Sustainable Fashion Consumption

ONLINE | 20.03.2012, 4-6 pm CET

Competition/Compatibility – 31st International Cotton Conference

BREMEN, 21.-24.03.2012

CCC Ideenworkshop zu mehr Transparenz bei CSR (Anmeldung über Femnet)

BERLIN, 24.03.2012

Textile Exchange: Recycled Content Webinar

ONLINE, 28.03.2012

ISO 14006:2011: Guidelines for Implementing Eco design in EMS

FARNHAM (UK), 29.03.2012

Planet Under Pressure

LONDON, 26.–29.03.2012

APRIL 2012

Fair Trade International Symposium

LIVERPOOL, 02.-04.04.2012

Stress-testing the NICE CONSUMER Framework on Sustainable Consumption of Fashion

ONLINE, 03.04.2012, 4-6 pm


BERLIN, 20.-22.04.2012

The Beauty of Sourcing with Respect: UEBT 2012 Conference, 12.04.2012

Paris, 12.04.2012

Fair Handeln: Messe in Stuttgart

STUTTGART, 12.-15.04.2012

OFi – Organic Fashion Izmir: Ecology Fair & OFi (Organic Fashion Izmir)

IZMIR, 12.-15.04.2012

The State of the Art in Sustainable Fashion Consumption, NICE Consumer

ONLINE, 20.04.2012


RORSCHACHERBERG (CH), 25.-26.04.2012

MAI 2012

NICE Pre-Fashion Summit

COPENHAGEN, 02.05.2012

Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Launch of the first sectorial initiative under UN Global Compact

COPENHAGEN, 02.05.2012

Evolving Textiles Conference at North Carolina State University

RALEIGH (USA), 17.05.2012

Impactt Conference 2012: Finding the Sweet Spot: Smarter Ethical Trade that delivers more for all

LONDON, 25.05.2012

ISEAL Conference 2012

BONN, 29.-30.05.2012

KarmaKonsum Konferenz

FRANKFURT, 31.05-01.06.2012

JUNE 2012

EBEN Research Conference Newcastle, Newcastle University:
‚Accountability, transparency, sustainability‘

NEWCASTLE, 07.-09.06.2012

The Continuum Show

NEW YORK, 24.-25.06.2012

JULY 2012

Berlin Fashion Week Berlin

BERLIN, 04.-06.07.2012

Green Showroom

BERLIN, 04.-06.07.2012


BERLIN, 05.07.2012



HOFHEIM / FRANKFURT, 04-06.08.2012


oeko-foire (fair)

LUXEMBURG, 14.-16.09.2012


Sustainable Textiles Conference. Messe Frankfurt, Textile Exchange, Ecotextile News

HONG KONG, 04.-05.10.2012

Ethical Fashion Night 2012

GENEVA, 28.10.2012


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