Our Newsletter „Fashion, Textile & Sustainability“ No. 3 links you to news in 18 different categories. Here are some examples of the news from the last 2 weeks: The industry-run plattform fibre2fashion issued a new secion on „defining sustainable fashion“ – in which they present various opinions on sustainability in fashion. The London 2012 Play Fair Campaign celebrated some successes: production sites of Olympic 2012 products are now transparent. Puma released its methodology on sustainable accouting. IÖW published a ranking on sustainability reporting. The Guardian discussed whether consumers should be the only ones paying for a fairtrade. According to Reuters, London fashion students hail green as the new black, and in the SZ Magazin Vivienne Westwood provides some nice answers to sustainable fashion. We link you to some reports of the London and New York fashion shows. UN Guiding Principles on B&HR call for inputs and UNGC & NICE announce to release a new, comprehensive standard for the fashion industry. SAI was declared to represent Cotton Made in Africa. And finally, there are two new movies on the issue, more than 20 workshops and 3 jobs waiting for you. By the way, these beautiful Hetty Rose shoes were shown at the London Fashion Week.

If you have any interesting news for Newsletter No. 4, please do not hesitate to contact us at ms(at)

1.    CSR & SUSTAINABILITY in general

More on corporate responsibility NGOs and how to work with them

Toby Webb Blog 26.2.

Ethical Style: Why Fashion Needs to Get Political

Good 22.2.

Liability and Immunity for Human Rights Violations: The Impact of Current Legal Developments on Corporate ResponsibilityLiabilit

Foley Hoag Blog 21.2.

Gore Says Quarterly Reporting Undermines Sustainable Capitalism

Sustainable Brands 17.2.

Company Scorecards Highlight Sustainability Progress

ISEAL Blog 17.2.

What Makes a Standard Credible? Allowing Complaints and Appeals

ISEAL Blog 17.2.

Defining sustainable fashion

Fibre2fashion, no date No date


Chinese migrant workers‘ wages up 21% last year

CHINA Daily 29.2.

Target says it will stop selling sandblasted denim by year’s end [Updated]

LA TIMES 28.2.


Express 27.2.

UK: Sweatshop labour uncovered in Olympic factories

JustStyle 27.2.

Woman’s Hour takes a historical look at women in the cotton industry,

ETI Blog 24.2.

‘Workers exploitation cause of low productivity’

The News (Pak) 23.2.

Worker suicides prompt probe

China Daily 21.2.

Punjab restarts inspection of factories after nine years

The News 21.2.

Wage hikes in China shift the big picture 20.2.

Discussing Fair Wages in China

FLA Blog 2.2.

Cotton produced through child labour – agreement
reached with Swiss and German cotton traders

EHCCR 24.1.

London 2012 signs ground-breaking agreement with the Playfair 2012 Campaign to protect workers’ rights

Playfair Campaign 2012

Interview with EILEEN FISHER’s Luna Lee: commitment with SA8000® enables compliance with California Transparency in Supply Chain Act

SAI News Feb 2012


Fibre2fashion Impact Feature on Sustainability is now live

Fibre2fashion 2.3.

Nike, Adidas, Puma and rest in pursuit of ultimate sustainable shoe

Ethicalquote 25.2.


Daily Mail 20.2.


Sustainable Brands 20.2.


NY Times Blog 19.2.

BrandwideImpactisEUR 145 Million

Sustainable Brands 18.11. 2011

The real picture with regards to eco-friendly practices in the textile and apparel industry – Comments by Tommy Crawford, Strategist at Greenpeace International

Fibre2fashion No date

4.    COTTON

Does fashion fuel food shortages?

Pamela Ravasio asks if the cotton crop, or „white gold“ as some call it, is ousting food crops. And what will happen as a result?

The Guardian Blog 1.3.

Is Organic Clothing- a sustainable solution?

A Discussion with Organic Fabrics & Clothing makers

Fibre2fashion impact feature No date


Ergebnisse des IÖW/Future-Ranking der Nachhaltigkeitsberichte

Umwelt-dialog 29.2.

London 2012 publishes factory locations producing Olympic goods in the UK and China

Playfair 2012 24.2.


Fairtrade shouldn’t all be down to the consumer

Shopping on its own cannot undo the wrong when a whole system is at fault

The Guardian 27.2.

Upper class people are more likely to behave selfishly, studies suggest

Higher social classes more likely to lie, cheat, cut up other road users and not stop at pedestrian crossings, say researchers

Related: Social class and unethical behaviour by Chris MacDonald

The GuardianCanadian Business

Brands attempt to target ’social influencers‘ with PeerIndex service

Deezer and are among the first brands attempting to reach ’social media influencers‘ with the new social media targeting service from PeerIndex, the social influence company. 27.2.

Social media challenges: do employees tweet your values?

Ethical Corporation 21.2.

Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge raising awareness in for fashion with a conscienceIt can only be the Oscars!

Vogue 30.1.

Sustainable Products – Consumers’ perception and what companies can do to better – Comments by Ivi Varda, Ethical Fashion Forum

Fibre2fashion Do date



SLOWCOLOR reminds the apparel industry that it needs to simply “slow down“ and focus on quality over quantity. This social enterprise is active in its mission and is striving to become a benchmark for 100 percent naturally dyed, hand-loomed accessories. Their goal is to become synonymous with natural dyes while clothing the world in beauty, health and responsibility.

HANDEYE Magazine 16.2.

The Six Item Challenge

It’s simple really; at the start of the cycle you choose just 6 items of clothing. 3 shirts + 3 skirts for instance. Or 3 tops + 2 pairs trousers + 1 dress. And then, once you’ve selected your new ‘wardrobe’, you wear those items, and those items only, for the whole of Lent. Which is where it gets interesting. And as you’re counting down the days, we want you to tell us how it’s going by taking photos of your outfits, and posting blogs on the site about your experiences.

Labour behind the label

»Kauft weniger!«

Vivienne Westwood produziert seit 40 Jahren Mode – und hasst die Konsumgesellschaft. Lieber spricht sie über Balzac und Pinocchio. Und darüber, wie wir die Welt retten können.

SZ Magazin 8/12

8.    FAIRS

Highlights from Ethical Fashion Shows in New York and London

Laundrette Blog 28.2.

London Fashion Week, Estethica and The Good Fashion Show by Ishwari Thopte

efw blog 29.2.

in fashion munich 2012: Green Glamour wächst

Exklusiv münchen 17.2.

London fashion students hail green as the new black

Reuters 2.3.

9.    PEOPLE

What drives Stella McCartney

New York Times Magazine 26.2.

The Ecologist meets… eco designer Alice Asquith

The Ecologist 28.2.


Which Way to the Ball? I’ll Ask My Gown

New York Times 25.2.


PUMA’s Environmental Profit and Loss. Account for the year ended 31 December



Tell the Indian Government to stop companies stealing from workers‘ wages!

Mazdoor Ekta Manch on


Catalytic Clothing seeks to explore how clothing and textiles can be used as a catalytic surface to purify air, employing existing technology in a new way. It is the brainchild of artist / designer Helen Storey and chemist Tony Ryan – people from very different worlds whose minds have come together over recent years in highly successful art/science collaborations.


UN Guiding Principles for Business & Human Rights call for inputs

United Nations call for input on how UN can contribute to advancement of business & human rights agenda and implementation of Guiding Priniples

UN Business & HR Deadline: 26.3.

UNGC & NICE will release a new fashion code


US EU Organic Equivalence Arrangement, 15.2.2012

at BioFach Germany, European Commissioner Dacian Ciolos for the European Union’s (EU) Agriculture and Rural Development and Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan of the U.S. Department of Agriculture signed an organic equivalence arrangement between the world’s two largest markets for organic food.

15.2.Launch: 1.6.

SAI is Cotton made in Africa’s US-based representative

Starting with this issue, we will include a monthly round up of articles from this Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) initiative.

SAI News Feb 2012

Building the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for Social Audits

SAI releases its updated and enhanced SA8000® Advanced Auditor Training Course, featuring an interactive online training component and full day simulated audit

SAI News Feb 2012

RAGS Project: Invitation to Garment Suppliers in India

Limited seats available – Opportunity to increase social performance for sustainability and enhance business opportunities with UK brands

SAI News Feb 2012

Fair Trade USA’s Draft Farm Workers Standard

Workers at the Core of FTUSA’s New Model

Fair Trade USA


Regulating Transnational Companies – 46 proposals (including case study on Nike)

Corporate Social Responsibility is still seen by many companies as a communication tool, rather than involving a real change to their strategy and aims. As scandals over corporate activities keep hitting the headlines, French organisation SHERPA acknowledges the failure of self-regulation and increases its efforts towards implementation of CSR. SHERPA‘s new book “Regulating transnational companies – 46 proposals”, released today, is a valuable contribution to the on-going debate.

SHERPA 22.2.

Strategic Human Rights Litigation: Can It Be Used Effectively against Transnational Corporations?

Claudia Müller-Hoff

Aportes DPLF 2011, Nr. 15 (24-26)

Global development podcast: Focus on the fair trade movement

And where does fair trade need to go next? To discuss these issues, John Vidal, the Guardian’s environment editor, is joined in the studio by Harriet Lamb, executive director of the Fairtrade Foundation, David Croft, director of food technology at

The Guardian

Do Consumers Care About Ethical-Luxury?

Davies, I.A., Lee, Z., Ahonkhai, I.

Journal of Business Ethics, 106 (1): 37-51 2012

Ethical Objections to Fairtrade

Griffiths, P.

Journal of Business Ethics,  105 (3): 357-373 2012

Young female consumers‘ intentions toward fair trade consumption

Ma, Y.J., Littrell, M.A., Niehm, L.

International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 40 (1): 41-63 2012

On the effects of fair trade on the welfare of the poor

Baumann, F., Oschinski, M., Stähler, N.

Journal of International Development,24 (SUPPL. 1): S159-S172 2012

The strengthening of the cotton producers‘ organizations in Mali: Issues, impact and lessons on fair trade for the privatization of the company

Balineau, G.


Canadian Journal of Development Studies,32 (3): 297-312 2011

Governance, signs of quality and equity in fair trade supply chains

Carimentrand, A., Ballet, J., Renard, M.-C.

Canadian Journal of Development Studies,32 (3): 269-280 2011


Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo

Behind the label

„What lies behind the spread of genetically modified plants in cotton cultivation in India? Who benefits from it? Is biotechnology really the solution for the development of Third World Countries? Who or What is Behind the Label?“



Paris 02. – 04.03.2012


Oxford 09. – 11.03.2012

ProBio (Messe)

Bremen 08. – 10.03.2012

Global release of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles

London 12.03.2012

Competition/Compatibility – 31st International Cotton Conference

Bremen 21.-24.03.2012

CCC Ideenworkshop zu mehr Transparenz bei CSR (Anmeldung über Femnet)

Berlin 24.03.2012

ISO 14006:2011: Guidelines for Implementing Eco design in Environmental Management Systems

Farnham, Surrey, UK 29.03.2012

Planet Under Pressure

London 26. – 29.03.2012



Liverpool 02. – 04.04.2012


Berlin 20. – 22.04.2012

The Beauty of Sourcing with Respect:
UEBT 2012 Conference

Paris 12.4.2012

OFi – Organic Fashion Izmir

Ecology Fair & OFi (Organic Fashion Izmir)

Izmir, Turkey 12. – 15.04.2012


25. – 26.04.2012


Anmeldung bis 30.04.2012


KarmaKonsum Konferenz

Frankfurt 31.05 – 01.06.2012


EBEN Research Conference Newcastle, Newcastle University: ‚Accountability, transparency, sustainability‘

Newcastle 07. – 09.06.2012

The Continuum Show

New York 24. – 25.06.2012


Berlin Fashion Week Berlin

Berlin 04. – 06.07.2012


Berlin 05.07.2012



Hofheim / Frankfurt 04. – 06.08.2012


Neuer Naturtextil-Ausbildungsgang in Deutschland



Sustainable Textiles Conference

Messe Frankfurt, Textile Exchange, Ecotextile News

Hong Kong 04. – 05.10.2012

Evolving Textiles Conference at North Carolina State University

Raleigh, USA 17.05.2012

Ethical Fashion Night 2012

Geneva 28.10.2012


Die Zukunft unternehmerischer Verantwortung – Beiträge für Konferenz gesucht

Der Zukunft von CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) widmet sich Anfang Oktober eine große internationale Konferenz in Berlin, die das Institut für Management der dortigen Humboldt-Universität ausrichtet. Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler können die Konferenz mitgestalten. Juristen, Politologen, Soziologen, Ökonomen und weitere CSR-Kundige können ihre möglichen Beiträge noch bis 31. Mai einreichen.


BSCI, Auditing Project Manager

Brussels open
Clean Clothes Campaign Public Outreach Coordinator Amsterdam Open
Maniko-Berlin, Praktikum Ab April 2012

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